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“I do not think there is anyone in the town who does what TG Global does and with the ability to deliver the professionalism and results that the company does”
Jose RodriguezClient

Individual & Families

Our team can help you with all of your family’s personal wealth matters, from income tax planning and compliance to setting up a family office.

Open a New Business

Opening a new business can be hard and complicated, with us, the process will be smooth and simply. At the end of the process you will be able to apply for the license your business will need, open a bank account and apply for insurance.

We can open Corporation, Partnership, MBA and even not-for-profit Business.

ITIN Application F R E E

Estimates, consult and revision of previous years taxes, FREE

Notarized Documents & Certified Translations

We do notarized and certified translations, valid for any legal process, ie. immigration, marriage license, etc.


Nous faisons des tructions anglais/français/anglais


Real Estate Agent

We are associated with Real Estate Agents that are eager to help you fulfill the American dream and obtain your first home at the least time and the best price possible.

Mortgate Refinance

if you have problems with the payment of the mortgage, or if the mortgage is someone else's name, and you want to remove them, we can help you with the assumption application or we can refer you to a loan officer for a possible refinance.

Confidentiality & Reasonable Fees